Welcome to GodMoves Ministry

GodMoves Ministry is an evangelical non-denominational, para-church & missions organization that partners with other churches, ministries, and communities to share the gospel and love of Christ in practical ways. God has called us each to different kinds of labor. He has equipped us with different passions, gifts, and spheres of influence that will shape how we serve Him and others.

GodMoves was founded by a vision and inspired by many short term mission trips all over the world. Since the offical birth of GodMoves Ministry on November of 2001, we have grown from that vision to a full non-profit missions outreach ministry serving here locally to the outer ends of the earth.

All our missions trips have been to different lands with different purposes but with one goal in mind. That goal is to focus on others and share the love and name of Christ, the way Jesus lived. My wife and I have experienced mission trips to Mexico, Africa, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Dominican Republic and are involved in local outreaches in and around our own communities in the United States. In all cases the experience went full circle. In other words, we returned with a renewed sense of vision and were blessed by the individuals who we were in contact with. Most importantly, we received an acknowledgment of God's will for our lives.

As we partner with communities, organizations, small groups, ministries and churches all around the world, we help build, develop, teach, and equip in practical ways through drama, games, meals, music, medical clinics, construction supplies, sound gear and equipment, school supplies, clothing, toys and even a simple warm embrace and conversation. Whatever the means, it is to encourage, strengthen, and give hope to those in need.